Processing Credit Cards in Boise, ID
Processing Credit Cards in Boise, ID

What Does Point of Sale (POS) Mean?: Processing Credit Cards in Boise, ID

A Point of Sale (or POS) System is synonymous with a physical location that has a POS Terminal (a set of hardware that allows you to process payments in exchange for goods or services). A classic cash register is what most of us have in mind when explaining this type of payment processing system. With today's landscape of ever-varying ways to make payments, however, your typical "cash register" is not going to keep up with your customer's needs. 

That's where Flat Creek Payments comes in. I can discuss the types of payments you currently take, where there is room for change or improvement, and then implement that change quickly and efficiently.
POS Hardware and Software | Flat Creek Payments
POS Hardware and Software | Flat Creek Payments

Elements of a Point of Sale (POS) Payment System: POS Hardware and Software

A Point of Sale (POS) System consists of the following:

Point of Sale (POS) Terminal: This is the Point of Sale (POS) Hardware like a register terminal where customers in your physical storefront will make payments. The terminal might consist of:
  • Cash Register or other connected device (i.e. a computer or tablet), likely with a cash drawer
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Card Reader
  • Receipt Printer

Point of Sale (POS) Software: This is what can really make or break the efficiency of a POS Terminal for your specific business. I have access to thousands of POS Software options that I can narrow to your distinct business needs, including having an easy-to-use interface for both your employees and customers.


Reliable Internet Connection: While I do not arrange for internet services to your store, I can help you decide exactly what kind of POS Terminal can be used with the specifications that you have. Some terminals would overload a poor internet connection, so I do my best to help you understand your capabilities. 
virtual payments, a mobile payment option | Flat Creek Payments
virtual payments, a mobile payment option | Flat Creek Payments

Does all of this sound a little overwhelming?

It might be, unless you make it your business to research and be informed about the options and how they are best implemented. That's exactly what my team and I do at Flat Creek Payments. (Our research may even lead you toward virtual payments, a mobile payment option, or a blended approach.)

I stay up-to-date so that you don't have to. You tell me about what you know best–your business–and I present you options that can bring you the greatest benefit. All of this is on a contract-free basis, so you only work with me as long as you feel it's worth it.

If you're a small business with a physical storefront–whether that be a restaurant, an auto mechanic, a cell phone repair shop, or a photography studio–it is in your best interest to have a Point of Sale (POS) Terminal. It is also to your advantage to have a terminal that is built with your specific business in mind to bring you the most customized payment processing solutions.

Flat Creek Payments is here to help you build your dream terminal. You can ask any questions or arrange for a terminal installation by calling 208-695-1056 or Contacting Me here. My partners and I would love to build an intuitive, effective terminal just for your business.