Mobile Payments

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Mobile Storefronts: Payment Processing Services As Portable As You, Boise, ID

While Flat Creek Payments is Boise-based, I serve clients throughout the State of Idaho, and some of my clients' businesses depend on being mobile throughout their area or the state as well. 

This is why I offer exceptional mobile payment options. I want you to have the best way to accept credit card payment for your small business so that your mobile payment processing is just as quick and nimble as you are. Adaptable businesses are more successful businesses!
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Mobile Merchant Services, Credit Card Processing for Mobile Businesses

Mobile credit card processing companies like Flat Creek Payments offer the hardware and the software to allow customers to accept payments wherever they're operating from on any given day.

Businesses like:
  • Food Trucks
  • Florist Delivery
  • Coffee Carts/Trucks
  • Barber Shops That Do House Calls
  • Plumbers
  • Farmers' Market Stands
  • IT Support
  • Personal Trainers
  • And More!

All rely on being able to go where the customers are. Because of that, they also need a portable payment system that can go where the customers are. (If you're interested in more stationary or web-based payment options, see our Point of Sale and e-commerce pages.)

Whether you have a Wi-Fi or cellular signal, you have a weak signal, or no Wi-Fi at all, we can set you up with a system that can operate offline; your mobile payment processing set-up will allow you to collect payment from your customers anytime, anywhere. If the Wi-Fi goes out at your business, you can still process payments!  This set-up could include:
  • A mobile credit card machine (this could be as simple as a phone with a card reader, or a machine that accepts contactless payments)
  • A cash drawer (if you choose to accept cash transactions)
  • A receipt printer (portable options are so convenient!)
  • Any combination of the above, or additional equipment if you ask!
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Whatever portable payment system you choose, Flat Creek Payments is here 24/7 with customer support to back up our contract-free services. My partners and I work hard to make sure that you get the customer service that makes you want to stay with Flat Creek instead of simply out of contractual obligation.

When you're ready to build or refine the adaptable, profitable mobile business of your dreams, Flat Creek Payments is here to support you. You can contact me by calling 208-695-1056 or Contacting Me here to get started. I would love nothing more than to help you  make this dream into reality!