E-Commerce and Virtual Storefront | Boise, ID
E-Commerce and Virtual Storefront | Boise, ID

What Does E-commerce Mean? What Is a Virtual Storefront? Build Both in Boise, ID

E-commerce, by definition, is: "business that is transacted by transferring data electronically, especially over the internet." (Source)
A virtual terminal is one conduit for collecting payment information. 

A virtual storefront is a website designed to represent your products. You can sell physical goods or services through a virtual storefront.

Flat Creek Payments specializes in creating cost-effective, business-specific digital payment methods in order to help small businesses (all of you Mom-and-Pops out there!) expand their reach and increase profits by using the best ways to process credit cards for small businesses.
Virtual / E-commerce Payments: | Boise, ID
Virtual / E-commerce Payments: | Boise, ID

E-Commerce and Virtual Terminal Payment Processing: Building Digital Business

It's important to understand the differences among online credit card payment systems. In a virtual terminal, the key payment information is manually entered by someone within the business. (Please note: This makes you responsible for PCI compliance! )
This is ideal for small businesses that:

A virtual terminal can take almost any tablet or computer and turn it into a payment receiver. (If you have a physical storefront that moves–like a food truck or a business that works out of clients' homes–a mobile payment option  may be better for you.)

For other types of e-commerce, there are more hands-off ways to accept credit card payments. For example, if you want to accept payments 24/7 through a website, it would be best to work with me and one of my banking partners to completely facilitate online credit card processing services. 

Flat Creek Payments can help sort out which merchant service would be best for your business. Regardless of which you choose, the process is always contract-free. You only use our services as long as it makes sense to you.
E-Commerce | Flat Creek Payments
E-Commerce | Flat Creek Payments
When you're on the frontier of a developing structure like online business through e-commerce, it's important to have key partners who can help. Flat Creek Payments  would like to be that partner for you. I'm Nicole Dean, the owner and operator of Flat Creek, and I would love nothing more than to provide you with the round-the-clock customer service and the detailed industry knowledge you need to have great payment processing for your business.
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