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Card Processing Services: Virtual, Mobile, and POS Payments, Boise, ID

With people making more cashless transactions for day-to-day purchases, it's become important for successful businesses to have easy-to-use and customer-friendly digital payment methods, whether those businesses are physical locations, mobile companies, e-commerce websites, or a combination of the three. 

That's why Flat Creek Payments is here. I am a payment consultant and processor looking to build and operate efficient payment processing systems for my customers on a Contract-Free Basis. (No contract lengths apply.) I can build systems by blending any of the following:
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Point of Sale (POS) / Physical Locations

  • POS Terminals
  • POS Systems
  • POS Hardware
  • POS Software
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Virtual / E-commerce Payments:

  • Online Payments
  • Offline Payments
  • Payment Links
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Mobile Payments / Mobile Storefront

  • Mobile Hardware
  • Mobile Software
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General Business Functions:

  • Invoicing
  • Inventory
  • Payroll
  • Scheduling

Have you thought of something that's not here? Just ask! I often do customized systems. I also have thousands of software programs that can make your system work the best for your particular business.
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Small Business Card Processing: How Do Our Merchant Services Help?

Besides the logistics of taking all of the above tasks off your plate and freeing up your time to do other essential business tasks, using a merchant service provider like  Flat Creek Payments also offers you three important benefits to help protect your business:

PCI Data Standards Compliance: PCI stands for "Payment Card Industry" and these data standards refer to security regulations that must be met by anyone that interacts with private data like cardholder data during electronic payments. Some companies are responsible for adhering to these and aren't aware! Having a payment processing expert like Flat Creek Payments can make sure your business only uses PCI-certified systems and devices.


EMV Liability Shift: As of October 2015, businesses that don't have an EMV processing device (a device capable of processing "smart" forms of payment like e-wallets, touch payments, and/or chip cards) could be liable for fraudulent chip card transactions. When you enlist the help of Flat Creek Payments, we make sure you and your customers are secure with the latest forms of payment hardware.


Reduce Operating Costs: In two ways!
  • Flat Creek Payments is extremely competitive. My partners and I keep tabs on the competition so that we can beat or match their rates whenever possible (and it's pretty much always possible). You can visualize the savings each time you swipe a card when our rates can save you % every time a customer pays with a credit card.
  • In 2020, chargeback fee issuers and merchants spent roughly $30 billion combined, with most of it falling on the merchant. Flat Creek Payments can help reduce your expenses while protecting and varying the ways you can accept payments and make money.

When you're ready to streamline your business payment options, reach out to me! You can reach at Flat Creek Payments by calling 208-695-1056 or Contacting Me here . I am happy to answer questions, explain options, and ultimately build an electronic merchant system that works for you!