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Flat Creek Payments in the Boise, Idaho Area

About Flat Creek Payments in the Boise, Idaho Area

Hello!  My name is Nicole Dean, owner and operator of Flat Creek Payments My younger years were spent in North Idaho, but my teenage and adult years brought me to the Boise area, with a brief dash of Hailey thrown in there. When I wanted to spread my wings as an adult, I chose Phoenix and then Indianapolis, but Idaho kept calling me back.

With 4 wonderful kids (1 girl and 3 boys) and a growing business, I am always kept on my toes! With my family, we’re loud and full of laughter; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Over this time, from North Idaho, moving around, and back to Boise, I’ve had a variety of jobs from auto parts runner to hair stylist to concert creator/promoter to call center manager to business owner.

Nicole D. | Flat Creek Payments

All of these roles have one thing in common: I love working with people! That passion started at an early age with things like summer camp awards for being an “Extra Special Helper.” My 25+ years of customer experience has continued to allow that part of me to flourish, and at least 5 years of my experience has been in the payment industry. I especially enjoy helping small businesses who may not otherwise have the best resources or the background needed to get the best deal on their credit card processing services and transaction fees.

I also pride myself on being honest and trustworthy. I don’t think you can provide exceptional customer service–my consistent goal–without having a degree of trust with your customers.

I can honestly say that, as a child, I would never have imagined myself owning a business in payments. It turns out it really fits! I love to help people more than anything and I understand the value of a hard-earned dollar. I never take it for granted and I will always fight to do what’s right for you and your business.

If you like what you hear about my background and my business values, you can contact me at Flat Creek Payments  by calling 
208-695-1056 or Contacting Me here.